About Beth

Welcome to my site!  I’m so glad you’re here!

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with autism (or other emotional, behavioral, or learning conditions),  I know you want the most for your child.  Perhaps you dream that you child might some day

  • reach his/her potential
  • better communicate and relate with others
  • feel better (overcome constipation, diarrhea, gas, ear infections, rashes, asthma, and allergies)
  • enjoy a better quality of life

There is hope for all of the above through the use of biomedical treatments — safe natural treatments that allow the body to heal and the inflammation that leads to behaviors to decrease.  I’ve seen it with my own son and with others I’ve helped.

Hi!  I’m Beth Secosky, and it’s my goal to provide you with information, inspiration, and support so you can implement biomedical strategies and begin seeing improvements in your child’s symptoms more quickly, more easily, and less expensively.  I’m all about helping you heal your child so he/she can enjoy a better quality of life — and the family can too!

When my son started recovering from autism, his quality of life and our family’s quality of life was improved immeasurably.  I became obsessed with learning everything I could about the science and various biomedical treatments available for autism recovery.  Like others who have been in autism recovery for years, I am a self-proclaimed “Health-Recovery Geek”.  I have spent thousands of dollars and many years reading, attending conferences for parents and medical practitioners, and building relationships with some of the most knowledgeable practitioners in the field so I can continue to help my son and people like you.  My experience as a recovery parent is unique in that I have 15 years of professional expertise in helping people achieve challenging business goals.  I now use that business expertise to help parents of children with autism achieve their life goals.

I have an amazing husband who I married 14 years ago, and I have two children, 12 year-old Erin who is neurotypical, and 10 year old Eli who no longer has an autism diagnosis.

My passion for teaching parents about what’s possible with biomedical treatments coupled with my love of providing 1:1 supportive coaching led me to leave my career as a business coach and consultant and become a biomedical health coach.  Many in business have embraced coaching as a wise investment because it enables executives and managers to make well thought-out decisions and implement them more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably.  Applying these same skills with health coaching clients results in amazing health transformations in a fraction of the time of doing it alone while saving thousands of dollars by avoiding costly expenditures that don’t lead to recovery.

If I could teach others about what’s possible in terms of recovering autism (and a host of other chronic conditions), all day, every day, I’d be in heaven.  

There is no greater pleasure for me than to celebrate with my clients as they and their children make breakthroughs in their health, behavior, and mood.

Being a “Recovery Mom” and Health Coach can be crazy at times … But, I can’t imagine more rewarding work.   Although my son has lost his autism symptoms, his health and other issues still have a way to go.  So, I’m still out there doing research and learning everything I can.  I share what I learn with you so you can shorten your learning curve.

What’s so great about biomedical treatments anyway?

Biomedical treatments are a broad range of mostly natural treatments that allow parents to heal the health issues that underlie autism which leads to a reduction in (and sometimes complete elimination) of symptoms.

My Road to Biomedical Health Coaching

I have always had a gift for achieving and helping other people achieve audacious goals.  However, this is the first time in my life I have had the privilege of helping people achieve such profound goals — goals that transform a child’s life — and the family’s life too.  This is the work that feeds my soul.

My master’s degree, advanced education and post-graduate certificate are in Human Resources/Training and Development and coaching.  My career as a leadership trainer, coach, and business consultant are the perfect combination to successfully teach and support parents as they work toward their goal of recovering their child.

My approach is all about YOU!  Your family, your dreams, your health outcomes.  I operate on a strategy that all boils down to supporting you so you can make smart, effective decisions for your family and encouraging you while you implement them.

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