Health Coaching

Today, people are using natural methods to recover from chronic conditions that once seemed untreatable.

  • Children improve/recover from autism, ADD, learning disabilities, digestive disorders, blood sugar issues, allergies, asthma and more — often without medication.
  • Adults improve/recover from digestive disorders, blood sugar issues, challenges with weight management, depression, anxiety, PMS, and more — often without medication.
  • Seniors improve/recover from cognitive decline, gain strength, and are relieved of aches and pains.

You have an ambitious goal, to regain your or your loved one’s health.  No one health practitioner has all the answers.  You are the only person who can direct and take charge of this process.

My job as your coach is help you research, plan and manage your or your loved one’s recovery.  I use the powerful strategic planning techniques I used in my former work with executives paired with my extensive knowledge about the causes of chronic illnesses and natural treatments for resolving them without the use of medication.

We follow these steps together:

Step 1:  Define where you are now:

  • Complete a health history
  • Review what you have already tried
  • Assess your current treatments, diet, etc.

Step 2:  Develop a vision for where you want to be

This critical step builds your drive and determination to do what it takes to build the life you dream of.

Step 3:  Determine how you will get there

In this step, you learn about the underlying causes of your condition, review possible natural strategies, find health practitioners best for you, and make decisions about how to progress given your available budget and time.

As your coach I will provide you with extensive information as well as what’s worked for others so you can develop the most effective plan of action.

Step 4:  Implement and Evaluate

I will help you step by step as you implement your plan, evaluate results, and make adjustments accordingly.

Throughout this process, my job is to keep you focused and motivated — on track when sometimes it’s easier to go off-track — and celebrate our successes together.