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If you have a child who has been diagnosed with autism (or other emotional, behavioral, or learning conditions),  I know you want the most for your child.  Perhaps you dream that you child might some day

  • reach his/her potential
  • better communicate and relate with others
  • feel better (overcome constipation, diarrhea, gas, ear infections, rashes, asthma, and allergies)
  • enjoy a better quality of life

There is hope for all of the above through safe natural interventions such as diet that allow the body to heal and the inflammation that leads to behaviors to decrease.  I’ve seen it with my own son and with others I’ve helped.

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“The support I received from Beth not only equipped me with valuable tools for the diet but prepared me emotionally to start it, and along the way she held my hand unconditionally, keeping me motivated and moving in the right direction.”
— Leigh
“SCD has been one of the most effective interventions we’ve used in recovering our son, and I wouldn’t have been able to make that leap from GFCF to SCD if it wasn’t for Beth’s SCD Kickstart System.”
— Allison
“I really appreciate the way you blend your tremendous knowledge with compassion and understanding.  I’m pleased with my healing plan because you supported ME as I designed it for my family.  Other practitioners I’ve worked with have been about telling me what to do.  You’ve helped me understand the science so I could develop a plan that works for my family.  Now, we’re moving forward toward our health goals, and we’re reaching them much more quickly than we would have without your support and encouragement.”
— Liza

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SCD Packaged Meals Are Here!  Finally,  A Convenient SCD Frozen Food Option For Kids!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could send frozen pizza or chicken nuggets with your child to parties and sleep overs so he or she could eat what everyone else is eating? I’m so excited to let you know that you finally CAN! Thanks to Cindy Frei and her company Caleb’s Cooking Company,life has just …

A daughter’s story… How one mother who wouldn’t give up healed her child with SCD and went on to help countless others through her scientific research

Sometimes a true story is more riveting than fiction. The story of how SCD (and GAPS which is built upon SCD) came to be one of today’s most effective interventions for bowel and neurological issues is one of those amazing stories of science, compassion and perseverance. Dr. Sidney Valentine Haas developed SCD in 1920.  He …