Ever Been to Autism One?

I LOVE attending biomed autism conferences.  Autism One is one of my favorites.  Have you ever considered going?

Even though I’ve been on this biomed journey for 5 years now, I was exposed to many new ideas and treatment options.  However, I think my favorite thing last year was meeting an 11 year girl who is totally recovered and 4 or 5 teens and adults who are totally recovered.  When I say totally recovered, I’m saying not just typical but higher functioning most people.  It reinforced my conviction that my son is going to go from “recovered” to “totallly recovered.”

If you’re a physician or other medical practitioner, there’s a track for you too.  Dr. Eily and I went together last year.  We both loved the conference.  It was really fun to see how excited Dr. Eily was about the enthusiastic, optimistic atomosphere at A1 that is so different than other medical conferences she attends.

I love the atmosphere there too.  There were 1,400 parents and practitioners from around the world there last year!

Another thing I love about A1 is that they don’t shy from controversy.  At A1, you will hear both your old favorites like Dr. Arthur Krigsman, Dr. James Bradstreet, Dr. Anju Usman, and Dr. Dan Rossignol, AND, you’ll hear from practitioners who are doing cutting-edge work that is too new or controversial for some of the other biomed programs.

The conference is only $99, but of course, there’s the flight to Chicago and hotel.  Sharing a hotel room is a great way to make the conference more affordable.

If you are considering going, here are a few tips:

    • Look at the schedule and decide if the sessions on the first couple of days are worth the money for extra hotel nights.  I went for the full 5 days last year.  It’s a bit slow on Wednesday and Thursday then things really pick up Friday through Sunday.
    • Take a friend and share the cost of a hotel room.
    • Take a cooler so you can keep food in your room.  You’ll eat healthier and you’ll save money on food.  The hotel does offer refrigerators.  However, A1 asks that attendees wait to get a refrigerator so all families whose children have refrigerated meds can get one first.

If you can’t make it, know that they are dedicated to making it work for you too.  They post just about every session to be viewed for free within a week or two.

Let me know if you’re looking for a roommate and I’ll try to hook you up with anyone else who is seeking a roommate too.