Clients Are Saying…

“Coaching has been absolutely necessary to help me start recovering my sons.  I appreciate the strategic approach, understanding the role of diet and the help picking an approach that works for our family.I also appreciate you helping me see the big picture while I’m dealing with day-to-day life with autism.  When my one son started trying to communicate, signing and pointing, you were the one who helped me recognize that these overnight improvements were likely related to our recent switch to gluten-free.I’m so glad you’ve helped me make a total paradigm shift about healing because it allows me to move forward with determination and optimism.”
— H.G.
“I am extremely thankful to you for the knowledge that you gave me. It has changed my life completely in a positive way. The cool thing about the knowledge is that it works in harmony with the universe. I am fascinated with the way the body functions and once we get in harmony with the laws of universe, it responds with awesome force…  Once I got in harmony with nature, I lost 80 pounds while gaining energy and focus.  And, I’m keeping the pounds off!”
— M.M.
“Coaching helped me focus on health goals I had been putting off.  I needed that extra nudge that coaching provides to get serious about working toward these goals.”
— C.H.
“I originally worked with Beth on my adult autistic son’s diet.  This eventually evolved into getting help for myself as well.Beth helped me determine which foods work for me.  I decided to try following Paleo 5 to 6 days a week.  I was able to completely give up sugar (no easy task for me). The results have been amazing!  Before, I had severe shoulder pain and had already had one shoulder surgery.  I was facing potential shoulder replacement according to my orthopedist.  My shoulder pain is gone now.  As an added bonus, I have lost 6 pounds.My son is getting used to a reduced gluten diet which should help with his digestive problems and quality of life.  The ultimate goal for him is to be completely gluten-free.I highly recommend Beth to anyone wanting to improve their overall health and well-being.”
— C.H.
“I told my friend that coaching was the best thing that had happened to me last year and that I didn’t regret a penny of it!  I had a goal, but no clear way to get there.  Beth had comprehensive knowledge of why certain goals were important to me and had immediately applicable, concrete strategies to get us there.  A year later, I still utilize her coaching advice and will meet with her again when I’m ready to take on the next challenge.”
— J.B.
“I have struggled with an autoimmune disorder for years.  Beth showed me how diet plays a major role in most autoimmune disorders.   Beth was my guide and my cheerleader as I established new eating patterns.  Without her help, I could not have achieved the goals of going gluten-free (as well as other grains), eating more vegetables, and giving up sugar and artificial sweeteners.  With each coaching session, Beth  made sure I had an action plan and steps to implement it, validation of the achievements I made, and linked me to other resources to learn more.  I highly recommend Beth to anyone who needs the support of a health coach!”
— C.M.
“Thank you for everything!  I really appreciate the way you blend your tremendous knowledge with compassion and understanding.  I’m pleased with my healing plan because you supported ME as I designed it for my family.  Other practitioners I’ve worked with have been about telling me what to do.  You’ve helped me understand the science so I could develop a plan that works for my family.  Now, we’re moving forward toward our health goals, and we’re reaching them much more quickly than we would have without your support and encouragement.”
— L.D.
“Health Practitioner Business Coaching Client:  “Throughout many coaching sessions with Beth, she helped me to realize the answers for myself. She demonstrated by sharing her own goals, teaching me that nothing is too small to work on with your coach.  For me, stating my goals “out loud” started the process of setting my intentions. Working with Beth has helped me to recognize and vocalize my ideas, making working on my goals a very comfortable experience.”
— K.H.