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Hunter’s​​ Story​​​​​​​​

Hunter describes his life with an ASD before and after implementing the GAPS diet.

Taylor’s Story

Alex’s Story​​

SCD diet helps reduce Alex’s symptoms of severe autism

Diets that Heal: Most Effective Intervention You Aren’t Using & How to Get Started – Beth Secosky, MA

SCD/GAPS Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.  Try These 10 Tips.  Beth Secosky, MA

Scientist/Mom Describes How Diet Allowed Daughter to Recover

Includes clip at the end of recovered daughter.

National Institute of Health

Journal of Child Neurology

Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease

  • GI dysfunction in ASDs: the role of the mitochondria and the enteric microbiome

Columbia University​

Penn State Universi​​ty

University of Maryland School of Medicin​​e​​​

University of Redding​

University of Sunderland, UK​

Universitaire Carémeau, Nîmes, FRANCE​

Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research

Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative​

SAGE Journal



Trinity College​

​University College Cork’s’Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (Ireland)

Bowel Disease Research​


Immune System May Play a Crutial Role in Mental Health

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride​​

Introduction to GAPS

Gut Interview

Discovery Magazine​