SCD Packaged Meals Are Here!  Finally,  A Convenient SCD Frozen Food Option For Kids!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could send frozen pizza or chicken nuggets with your child to parties and sleep overs so he or she could eat what everyone else is eating?

I’m so excited to let you know that you finally CAN! Thanks to Cindy Frei and her company Caleb’s Cooking Company,life has just gotten a lot easier for those of us on the SCD Diet. Caleb’s Cooking Company creates pre-packaged frozen food that is all SCD Legal.   It’s fast food that’s not junk food!  What an amazing concept!

It all started about a year after Cindy’s son, Caleb, who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease about 4 years ago, started SCD.  Cindy noticed that although he was feeling great physically, being different than his friends was taking a toll on him psychologically and socially.

Cindy not only wanted to help Caleb fit in with his friends, she also recognized the crying need that exists for kids not only with IBD, but Autism, Celiac, Diabetes and other autoimmune diseases struggling on specialized diets.  She also wanted to help kids experience the amazing benefits of SCD.  She hired Chef Travis Bettinson, who specialized in working with SCD to create recipes for delicious frozen kids meals made entirely of SCD legal ingredients and prepared according to SCD instructions.

For example, all of the products in Caleb’s Cooking Company products are not only grain and gluten free, but are made with no added sugars or preservatives. In addition any legumes used in the recipes are soaked for 24 hours, just as Elaine Gottschall recommended. On top of it all, the chef who works in the kitchen actually making all of the food for Caleb’s Cooking Company is on the SCD Diet herself.

I’ve been touched by their mission – and passion — to help our kids.  Their first foods are a Triple Cheese Pizza, a non-dairy Sausage Pizza, Chicken Nuggets and Pork and Bean Enchiladas.  All the foods are nut-free, and the sausage pizza, nuggets and enchiladas are dairy-free.

My kids and I had an opportunity to sample three of Caleb’s frozen dinners recently – YUM!  My son was thrilled with the cheese pizza, and we gobbled up the chicken nuggets with TesseMae’s SCD-legal honey mustard dressing.  The family favorite was the enchiladas. In fact, my son would eat the enchiladas for every meal if he could!

You can purchase Caleb’s Cooking Company’s foods on their online store and have their frozen food shipped directly to your home. Soon you will be able to buy them your local health food store like Whole Foods or perhaps even Trader Joes. I can’t wait to just run by the store and pick up a quick, easy, gut-friendly meal for my son – and the whole family!

In addition, Caleb’s Cooking Company has created a true SCD community resource on their website. It features a blog written by parents and kids alike, a kids’ forum called Caleb’s Club, so kids on SCD can interact and have fun together, and a nice list of resources.

Thank you to Cindy Frei and Caleb for creating fast, healthy, delicious foods for kids (and adults) on SCD.

Check out Caleb’s Cooking Company at